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Do you meet the Core Web Vitals benchmark?

Google will take site speed into account by measuring how quick your web pages load. You can use an online service such as GT Metrix or PageSpeed Insights which will give you feedback on your website speed, and some guidance on what to improve.

This is our desktop speed as measured by GT Metrix:

The numbers are only half the story

Just click through to our other pages and blog posts to get a feel for how fast we make WordPress go. Scoring websites gives us a benchmark, and it often highlights where problems exist, but a site should ‘feel’ fast as well as score well. There are examples of laggy sites which score well, and vice versa.

We can help you improve page speed, identify performance bottlenecks and improve user experience.

And that’s not all, we speed up the back end as well, so if you’re logged into your site a lot, you’ll get more done in less time.

Is this the fastest website in the world?

There is no league of website speed so it’s hard to know. We can’t find anything faster. There is one site that claims to be the fastest in the world, but it’s slower than this one, so until someone proves otherwise, we’ll take that credit. We’d like to think it’s up there in the top one percent.


We provide the following services


Full or partial optimisation of your existing WordPress website


Move your site to our ultrafast server AND get your site optimised


If you just want hosting on our platform, we’ll give you cPanel access

We are currently formulating our price plans.
If you’d like to get a quotation or discuss your requirements now, please email [email protected]

About Fastest WP

FastestWP is a project by Canary Dwarf, a WordPress design and development agency in the north-east of Scotland, to highl

It started as a tongue-in-cheek bid to build the fastest WordPress website in the world. But it became serious, we got obsessve, we took courses in server optimisation, and tested different things to make our webste faster and faster.

But in all this, we ad to realise one thing thing. It had to be affordable and doable. We tried many things that would have made it unfasible for the average business to implement, so our ultimate criteria was to build something that any business could hve access to, at a reasonable price. And we have done that.

Our site loads in a quarter of a second, but more importantly, it feels fast for the user. Slow page loads are irritating for users.

What we wanted to do was to show that we could build fast, unbloated sites, that provided affordable high performance. We wanted to show that many of the features of WordPress that make it exciting, actually slow it down substantially, so as the project develops, we will also highlight best practice in WordPress design.

About Canary Dwarf

Canary Dwarf started its wholesale switch to WordPress as a core content management system in 2008, and went on to establish itself as one of the leading providers of WordPress services in the country.

We have worked tirelessly to adopt good practices and employ techniques that speed up WordPress websites, and provide efficiency for business owners.

For more information, email [email protected]

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